Saturday, November 12, 2011

Don't you hate it when...

You wear a new  shirt, and the dye wears off on your skin?
Okay, the shirt was only about $15 at a Dots, but this should not have happened. Today, I went to Walmart, Best Buy and my friend`s party. I got home about 30 minutes ago, but when I went to put pajamas on, I realized something happened. My shirt turned me purple!!! It was a new black shirt, but the dye mixed into my skin turning it purple where it rubbed off. I had a white tank top on underneath that has also been dyed. SO after 20 minutes of vigorous scrubbing, I have been de-purple-ified. Has this ever happened to you?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bare Minerals- All over review.

I've tried various products from Bare Minerals, so I decided to do a collective review. 
Brushes- Face. Their face brushes are okay, not the best not the worst. They seem to be more bristly? Harder and more course then I would prefer, but they blend makeup well. 
Concealer- I love their concealer brush! It is the perfect size to fit in the creases of your nose, or a smooth surface such as your T-zone. It is soft, but not fluffy, so you can build up makeup using it. It is also one of those brushes that could be used for multiple purposes. 
Mascara- I LOVE their mascara! It doesn't flake, it makes my eyes pop, and stays on until you wash it off! Wonderful! But, it gives your lashes length, if you want volume, I would use something along the lines of Lash Blast.
Foundation- Really good quality, but not coverage. If you want just a light sheer covering its great. I used this in the summer because it was all that was needed. However, if you need something to cover blemishes, then I would use Maybelline Dream Liquid Mouse. (If you want light coverage but not mineral, use Mac`s tinted moisturizer.)
All in all, their products are great quality, but if your going to buy them, consider what they will be used for. (I.E     light/heavy coverage, all day/temporarily, ect.)
Hope I helped- Jordan!

Book Review: Brave New World.

Let me start by saying that these are my opinions and you may not feel the same way. However, I would advise you to NEVER read this book. I had to read it for a school project, but I am not sure why. The book is impossible to relate to and has no real purpose. The author had to be extremely careful setting up the plot though, so for that I give him props. I don't want to bash any book, but this is insane. To fully understand, read the book yourself, and you'll see.
Parts I could enjoy:
The difference between the two societies. (I dont want to give anything else away)
John`s mother
The pressure to fit in.
This is not the copy I read, but the same book. (google picture)
If you have read this book what do you think?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hello Lovelies!

SHES BAAAACCCCK!  Finally, after a break, I`m back! A lot has happened, but nothing completely life changing. So, I am going to try to get back into posting reguraly again. The layout of blogger has changed a lot so Im going to have to get used to this setup! For now, I am going ot start my camera/film equipment fund. Anyone want to donate? Just kidding haha. But all together everything would approximatley come to 3,500 dollars. Fund is starting and will probably take a while, but its a new project!! Its late and I have to go, but I will start posting soon! -Jordan!