Friday, February 17, 2012

Imac tomorrow!!!!

BIG BIG NEWS! Im getting my I-mac tomorrow, which means more blogging, better quality, and videos! Look forward for news tomorrow! BYE!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hunger Games Trilogy-Character-Katniss Everdeen

Late last night I finished the last book in the Hunger Games Trilogy, Mocking Jay. I have so many things to say about this series, so if you have not read the series, do not continue reading, there will be many, many, many spoilers. First, I will start with characters. These posts will be a series, as I have to much to say. So be prepared for Hunger Games Overload.
Katniss Everdeen-
     Katniss in the beginning of the book seemed very dry to me. At first, it was like she didn't have a personality, but then that changed. You being to realize that she is strong as a person, and puts everything and anything she loves before her. After you find out that her dad died, and she says blatantly that he was blown to bits in a mine explosion, you realize you are dealing with a no bull shit kind of girl, something you hardly find in YA anymore. This is where Katniss started to develop as a character for me. You begin to see her world is hardly anything to brag about, the small district 12. I got the feeling they were more of a close nit southern community. The hob and Greasy Sea immediately stood out to me.
 I was relived when she lived through all the books! In the Hob is where you find out how Katniss and Gale have kept their families alive. I think Katniss's character would have been a lot more kind if the book had her and her dad together. I feel that if there was one thing in her life post-hunger games, it would of been to save her dad from the explosion. You could tell it was the only thing that really ever affected her. Once that happens and her mother gets depressed, she turned into an adult. The only adult Prim had in her life. Katniss steps up to the plate and finds a way to keep her sister, mother, and herself alive.
Risking everything to hunt is what defines Katniss right from the beginning. You see that she does not care about the rules, the electric fence, possible execution, or wild animals. If it will save her sister, she will do it.

Skip to the reaping. Once again, she puts everything she loves before herself and steps up to take Prim's place. What really stood out here was the determination she had to keep Prom out of the games and in safety. Then Peeta is called and the love story begins. Hating him for owing him, she is also alive because of him. The debt is what she cannot stand, owing something to him and not being able to repay it. Their strategy  then became star crossed lovers from district 12, who are on fire. In the games, she makes allies with Rue. Of course, because of the nature of the games, she has to watch Rue die, and sings to her while she does, (Rue is the first reminder of the Mocking Jays that would stop when her dad sang..major importance later on.) and then covers her in flowers. One of Katniss's acts of rebellion. From this point on, Snow has it out for her. Then the relationship with Peeta beings for real, and even when Katniss cant tell, she is starting to fall for him. Keep him safe and sound while she nurses him back to health. Doing everything she possibly can to get him the medicine to keep him alive, Katniss has something in her heart for Peeta.

Skip to the aftermath. They both get out of the games. Katniss thinks she will return to being her sisters rock, but they all had to grow up while she was in the games.

I think the most outstanding trait Katniss has is her determination. Nothing keeps her down, until later on.

In Catching Fire, I feel like Katniss gives up on her will to live for a while when she only wants to keep Peeta alive, but her own nature of survival kicks in and she will live. I almost feel like this book was the link to the final ending, introducing all the characters to have them stay, instead of them dying like you would of expected them to. The beginning half of the book, I feel Katniss still has the fear off everything from the games, although she would never admit it. I think she was afraid of the victor house, but hey, thats just me. Not much changed my view of her in this book except that the ounce of trust she had in humanity before the games was completely lost. She is quick to kill now, not even thinking twice. Then everything changes in Mocking Jay.

In Mocking Jay, I feel like Katniss starts off strong, as she always was, and then looses herself to fear. Especially since Peeta has been ripped away from her, as well as her home, her life, and everything she ever new. So much for a 17 year old to experience. As the book goes on you can feel her slipping away, with everything happens. When they are on their "mission" and she takes charge, I thought that her real character finally showed through. A leader. After all, her face was the rebellion. When Prim dies, I think Katniss does as well. Everything she ever fought for, loved, was gone. In the end though, I feel like Katniss needs Peetas kindness or she would fight off and kill everything around her. I finished the book last night, so my thoughts are a jumbled up mess, but thats what I think. How do you feel about Katniss?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hex Hall Review

Have you ever read the House Of Night series? If you enjoyed it, this book is for you. This book was a fast simple read. I  enjoyed it, and will be picking up Demonglass, book 2 in the series. I feel like the book needed to be "decorated" a little, but overall it was good. It was very high school clique oriented as well, but with some twists. Now, I will let you in on three likes and three dislikes I had!
  • In the book, there is a sort of flash back to a bad time in history. I really liked this part, and I thought it did a nice job of making the reading really feel sympathetic toward the story and characters. 
  • The room mate. ( Not giving ANYTHING away)
  • The description in the book.
Dislikes :(
  • The cover. I feel like it does the book no justice.
  • I feel like the ending was rushed once you get to about 50 pages left.
  • It was written simply, almost like a children's book. 
Comment poll! 
Have you ever read a book that let you down? If so, what book?