Friday, February 10, 2012

Hex Hall Review

Have you ever read the House Of Night series? If you enjoyed it, this book is for you. This book was a fast simple read. I  enjoyed it, and will be picking up Demonglass, book 2 in the series. I feel like the book needed to be "decorated" a little, but overall it was good. It was very high school clique oriented as well, but with some twists. Now, I will let you in on three likes and three dislikes I had!
  • In the book, there is a sort of flash back to a bad time in history. I really liked this part, and I thought it did a nice job of making the reading really feel sympathetic toward the story and characters. 
  • The room mate. ( Not giving ANYTHING away)
  • The description in the book.
Dislikes :(
  • The cover. I feel like it does the book no justice.
  • I feel like the ending was rushed once you get to about 50 pages left.
  • It was written simply, almost like a children's book. 
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Have you ever read a book that let you down? If so, what book?

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