Monday, January 16, 2012

My makeup collection + room tour?

Here is the overall view of my vanity where I do my makeup.

Opened makeup mirror. From here I will open each draw and show you what is on the desk(:

Some lotions and my perfumes 
My current foundation, an acne treatment, and my embosser. It stamps into books, "From the personal library of Jordan (and my middle and last name)." 
Hanging on the door knob to one of my draws, I have my Betsy Johnson necklace

When you open the first draw, I have my palettes. The ones in the front are stacked on one another. 
And then this smashbox palette lays on top.
Next, I have a draw with my single eye shadows, paint-pots, and eye makeup
In the center pull out draw I have my face products, and in the back q-tips, wedges, cotton, things like that.
In the next draw I have random hair tool and free samples.
Next, contains my 2 holiday sets from smash box, unopened makeup, and nyx jumbo eye pencils.
On my desk, I have a spinning makeup table from QVC, that isnt really holding anything except lip products. The 2 larger makeup kits are also sitting out. 

Then, I have my brushes in a cup from the Dixie Stampede
After my desk, I have my jewelry bow on the wall. Here is a sneak peek 

Then, going around to the other side of this room, I have a rack with some bags and belts, a guitar case, and on the wall you can see my sunglasses hanging up. 
Last, I just have a random pair of crutches that I was on early this year.

How do you guys organize your stuff? (:


  1. cool :D i need to be more organized..

  2. omg ur so organized!! I love how you have ur accessories!


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