Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Unacceptable! Its been 10 DAYS and I have not posted. I'm sorry, but I have to tell y`all whats been going on.
First, I sang at a local fair one night. It was a really fun night, but the mic system blew in the middle of my song and they had to fix it really quick. Everything ended up okay, but at one point the mic cut out and it made it sound like I cracked, but overall it was fun just being up on stage again(:
Next, I had an audition for a play, Return of the Glass Slipper. To audition, you had to sing a song from a Disney themed Broadway musical, and I sang Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. They added a part in the play for me, so I don't have an official "Title". It will include singing, dancing, talking, and narrating. (Acting of course, also.) I will update as it progresses.
Then, I got to go audition to be an extra in a movie. How cool is that? I'm excited ha ha. I will also update that when I get contacted.
Next weekend I have to go to get filmed for possible commercial and acting parts.
 Now, I also got really sick. I got the flu for 2 days and now I have strep really bad. BUT, I'm back, and once I get better I will do a video of me singing for you all! Posts will picking up again(:

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  1. You sure are busy!! congrats on all of that :)



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