Friday, July 15, 2011

Outfit of the day+ fashion show!

 I'm going to do an outfit of the day today. Only because the outfit holds meaning. It is a floral, loose top which I added a belt to, and YMI jeans. I'm wearing regular brown pumps with this. Okay, so yesterday I went into Fashion Bug with a friend of mine, while we were waiting to go to lunch. (We went to panara if your wondering) So I got the jeans and the top, but while checking out the cashier asked me if I wanted to be in there annual fashion show! Of course  I said yes. So I will participate in the Fall fashion show with them! I was so flattered by the offer! She asked after my friend wondered off to look at a necklace, which I thought was nice, since the offer was not extended. It was very unexpected, a I am looking forward to it. Also, In the pictures above, ignore the mess behind me.

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