Friday, December 9, 2011

Beauty Hall!

 Today, I went to a local jewelry sale, Kmart, and a Gabes. A few days ago I went to Sephora! Here we go

 Sockks! I love going into Kmart because I can always find some awesome deals! The socks to the left and bottom were 29 cents! The JB to the right were buy one get one, and the TOP were 3 pairs of knee socks for 3.99 at Gabes. Who doesn't love the fun colors!

 Also, I picked up a new conditioner, and decided to share. 
Smashbox holiday Lip Gloss Set. Only 30 dollars 
for 6 lipglosses! (One is missing in the photo, I had wore
it today.) Great quality and pigmentatioin. 
Review soooon! (I had a 5$ off coupon so I only paid
around 25 for it)

 At the Jewelry sale, I only got two things.
1. A Chinese Hair clip for longer Hair.
2. An awesome accessory watch! The pattern
would brighten up any white or black top!
(Each were six dollars)
 Also at Sephora, I got the NYX Eyebrow Kit w/stencil. (5$ off coupon)
 I also bought a Revlon nail polish in Sweet Tart. I have it
on my nails now, and its so fun! A very nice way to 
liven-up a dark winter day.

 And lastly, I got Maybeline Lash Stiletto Mascara. I will let
you know how I liked it. ( 40% off in Kmart)

 Here are some photos I randomly snapped walking inside or outside my house. Do you like the quality? I do(:

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