Saturday, March 3, 2012

LIfe..and stuff

What a busy busy bee I am! Every post seems to be saying that I will come back to blogging, so I am just going to blog when I have the time, and I make no promises on when that will be. 
I have had some singing events, focusing on playing my instruments well, acting, and so much more!
I am trying to market myself right now, and I have a VERY exciting event coming up in April.!!!(: I cannot wait to post about it! (It involves the color red! and a carpet!) But on the plus side I have been meeting some really amazing people and have been having a ton of fun recently. Also, I got my IMAC computer, so managing everything Im into it becoming easier. I am going to post TOMORROW and try to go into detail on what I have been up to, considering its almost 1 am right now and I cannot even correct my grammar. Every other word I type I swear I yawn. 
Also, I got my hair dyed yesterday, and I love it!!(: 
Have any of you guys tried Color Match makeup? I stopped in Ulta today on my way back from an audition and bought it, and so far im pleased with it! It seems almost all foundation has an orangey undertone on my face, and so far im not orange! Okay, well I  will see you all tomorrow! Toodles!
PS. ArianneCruz. Only a few more hours until ONE WHOLE YEAR! CONGRATULATIONS!!!  

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