Sunday, March 4, 2012

A little relaxation is a good thing..

Right now what are you doing? Sitting at an electronic device reading this post. Are you breathing? Obviously. So your doing good! You can relax now!
Okay, so yesterday I promised a post today, so here it is! Right now, I am watching one of my favorite movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, eating a "Skinny Cow" ice cream, and absolutely doing nothing. I couldn't be happier!

Tomorrow, I don't have school, so I have some blogging and reading to catch up on! My feet have been taking a beating lately from all the heels I've worn, so being back in my Converse today was like heaven!!
Also, I have a few different play options coming up soon. I have Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Zombie Prom. Peter Pan and Zombie Prom are by the same company, so I may only do one, but I am defiantly doing Cinderella. (I have to be careful for schedule conflicts) What one would you guys pick? Zombie Prom or Peter Pan?? Peter Pan is so classic and Zombie Prom just sounds like so much fun!

(can you believe google had a picture like this for me to use!?)
Well anyhow, I also have some charity meetings coming up, and a few fundraisers, so those should keep me busy for a little while.
I have also been meeting a ton of new people lately, and I love it! Everyone has been so so SO nice and encouraging, I couldn't be surrounded by better people!
Also on an off note, Blogging is defiantly becoming a part of my life again! But I feel like my blog has no exposure. If anyone would like to, feel free to mention me on their blog! When I reach, if, 100 followers I will have a big giveaway!
I have to go, Johnny Deep and Orlando Bloom are fighting!

PS. Do you ever find yourself flinching while watching people fight or dance? I do!


  1. i find myself getting teary when i see people dance :)

  2. I definitely flinch at fighting. And I agree, nothing better than eating ice cream and watching a movie!

  3. Arianne- Thats great you can get so into it emotionally!
    Sara- Totally Agree!


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