Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beautiful Creatures Review

Gripping. Enthralling. Enchanting.
Beautiful Creatures was simply as the name suggests, full of Beautiful Creatures. Kami Garcia and Magaret Stohl created a mysterious, historically influenced, paranormal romance that I found was put together magically. Some parts were a little boring, but mostly because the book was so long. I loved the unexpectedness of all the characters besides Ethan. Ethan, and sometimes Lena, usually did what was expected of them. The ending of the book made me what to find out next, but did not have me leaving immediately to go buy the second book, Beautiful Darkness. 
Beautiful Creatures is the first book of the Caster Chronicles. It was published on December 1st 2009 by Little, Brown. Currently, there are three books in the series, and I hope everyone goes and checks them out!
Also, I would just like to add that I loved Amma, Boo, Macon, Larkin and Ridley for minor characters. 
If you have read this book, what did you think?


  1. I won this book but I haven't read the beginning of the series... I'm curious! Such a thick book!!

  2. Yes, I saw that in your haul. And you're in luck! It is the first book(:


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