Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Fashion!

So for winter, I have a few go-to items! 
I love wearing a cute skirt with tights in the winter! Not to great for super cold days, but a great way to look cute and stylish in the winter. If you have ripped up jeans, you can also wear a patterned pair of tights under them, for a cute peek -a- boo look.  
Boots are a super adorable and super quick way to spice up any look. There are tons of styles to choose from, including ankle boots, combat boots, heeled boots, knee high boots, over the knee boots, and so many more! In the picture I have above, I have the boots in brown and black, and I wear them all the time. This is going on my third year using them and they have held up perfect! Some of my boot options include lace up black heeled combat boots, the two mentioned above, black cowboy boots, caramel ankle boots (like the ones above, only ankle style), heeled tan ankle boots, and black ankle boots. 
My favorite way to wear them are with a peacoat, skinny jeans, and a scarf. They look good with almost any outfit though!


Scarfs are also a winter must! BUT, the cool thing about them are that they can be used in any season! In winter I wear heavier ones, and use them in layering to achieve different looks. You can go to youtube and find some awesome ways to wear/tie them!

Fun Socks!
Any kind of fun socks! They are super cute and extremely warm! Knee socks, fuzzy socks, anything!

Also cute coats, but no specifics!
What are your winter staples?


  1. i love those!! and yes cute coats :D i'm collecting coats haha

  2. Scarves are my bff in the winter!


Any thoughts? Share above!(: