Friday, May 27, 2011

Suicide: Not the answer

Hey guys. So today, I need to talk about something very serious. Suicide. What ever is going on in your life, its NOT the answer. I feel like I need to go over this because one of my friends took her life this past week. Her story is one I wish did not exist, but I am going to share it to try and help someone.
  Her dad was sexually and physically abusing her, and her sister for a few years. She finally called the cops and they came and got them. She transferred schools since she lived with her dad, and a few weeks later, her dad was going to be charged. He hung himself before that could happen. My friend felt this was her fault, and she took her life because of it.
 Suicide is NOT that answer. You may think it will help, but all it does is start a chain of events that don't need to happen. You hurt the ones you love, hurt yourself, and you make other people feel guilty. Being gone does not fix ANYTHING. If you need help,ask! Talk to someone you trust. If you need to talk, ill listen.
 Sorry, I just felt I should post this. If you need to talk, message or e-mail me.

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  1. That's great you're posting this. It's like a public service announcement. I thought of suicide a few years ago, quite often because I was depressed. But I was too afraid of pain so I just prayed I'd be taken away in my sleep. Obviously didn't work and I'm glad it didn't because now I'm happy and the things I experienced just shaped me into who I am now. Things get hard but it definitely will get better. Patience is key.

    For those reading this, you can also talk to me if you'd like. I have an advice column in my blog so feel free to leave a message there, and I will make everything anonymous.

    By the way, on a brighter note, please follow this girl! She's doing a giveaway when she reaches 50 followers. :)


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