Monday, May 2, 2011

Updates! (On my life to!)

I havn`t had much time to read lately, due to my crazy schedule. This weekend I had a big audition, workshops, and a singing event that lasted 7 hours. But, there IS an upside. We had time to kill during the singing event, so we went into Barnes & Noble. I picked up the third volume in the Morganville Vampires Series and Falling Under by Gwen Hayes.
I finished the second Morganville Volume and will have a review up soon, so watch out for that. In the singing competion I got Gold and qualified for nationals!
Happy Reading(:


  1. Congrats on winning Gold!!!
    I'm just about to finish the third book - Midnight Alley from the Morganville series. I think this is my favorite book now, it's so hard to put it down! I already requested the next book Feast of Fools! Can't wait :)

    When u get the chance, check out some of the photos from the photo shoot in my blog :)

  2. I love your pictures! I am in love with your shoes!! I have another shoot coming up soon to! Feast of Fools is AMAZING!!


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