Friday, May 27, 2011

Update! May 27

Hey guys! Once again, I haven't been posting or reading a lot. I have been insanely busy. Finals, auditions, shoots, and more!
 I have my second audition for a t.v. show Saturday (tomorrow)! I am so excited! I am preforming a monologue, playing and singing a song on my guitar, and might be giving a commercial.
 I am thinking about taking dance. Jazz and ballet are what I would take. What do you guys think?
 Also, I just had my second photo shoot. It was to update my portfolio and get new head shots.
Last, I had my friends funeral, which was very, very hard for me.
Posting will pick up soon, I promise!


  1. You're so busy!!! That's awesome :) Congrats! Break a leg on your audition!

    Jazz and ballet sounds like a good start. It builds your foundation.

    P.S. I linked your other post in my blog. Check it out:


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