Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blood Promise, Home Library, Preforming, New Room, and Writing

Hey guys! So, I just walked in from singing at my recital. I sang On My Own from Le Mis. The song went pretty good, although I almost tripped over the mic cord(: Every time I walk out on stage, I feel confident, like I am some one else.

Also, I finished reading Blood Promise today, and moved on to Spirit Bound. I LOVE these books. Until I read the Morganville Vampires, it was my favorite by a long shot, but now it had some competition. The two book series tie for first place on my shelf, with House of Night as second.

Eventually, I hope to have a library in my home. A room full of bookcases , comfy chairs, and warm lighting to read in. I have two bookcases in my room now, but neither are full. That brings me to my next topic. My new room. I just redid my room, and I love it. Its much more sophisticated, and much more "me". I have two mirrored closets, two book shelves, a dresser, and my TV. Along with my bed of course.  I just love it! The book cases bring a smile to my face everytime I look at them.

Also, I have been writing a ton! I wrote some chapters in the book I am writing, a song, and some poems. I go on kicks where I write a lot, and then some times when I do not write for a while.

Until next time,
   - Jordan


  1. Wow, we do and like almost the same things...
    Vampire Academy and Morganville Vampires are also tied for me in first place.

    Take a picture of your room if you can :) Esp the book cases lol.. I also write!! I'm writing a vampire story right now, some poems once in a while, too :)


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