Thursday, June 23, 2011

Surviving Ballet

Today I had my first ballet class. Let me just start by saying OUCH! I give dancers soooo much credit! After the first 30 min I could definitely feel it in my legs. I just basically learned the five positions and practiced them doing different exercises. We stretched, then began. In each pose I had to go up and down on my toes, slowly, 15 times. My teacher, Lisa, said next time we will be doing them 20 times, then all the way up to 50.
"yayy!" she said sarcastically.
Then, I did pleeas (spelling?) and grand pleeas for about 10 min. This of course meant I had to learn the arm movements.
Then, in each of the five poses, I had to take baby steps and walk up and down a line of tape.
Oh! Did I mention the whole time I was on my toes? What did I get myself into....

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  1. Wow.. That's gonna take a lot of hard work! But when you get it, I'm sure you will be great :)


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