Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upcoming book haul, Rant

Hey guys! I am going to the book store with my friend on Friday, so I will be having a book haul soon. We will be going to Barnes and Nobles and a half priced book store. I am planning on at least getting some Morganville books.

Also, I can not wait for The Vampire Academy Graphic Novel and Bloodlines! It has been so long since new material for VA came out and I am going into withdraw. I am re-reading the series now, so I wont have forgotten anything for Bloodlines. I love the series so much I cant wait for more! And as for the Graphic Novel, I hope I will like it, because I have never read one. Only a few more weeks of waiting!! 

 What are you guys currently reading?


  1. Yey I'm also waiting for Bloodlines! But I don't think I'll buy it full price lol..

    As far as the graphic novel, I'm not sure I'll buy it. Maybe one day.. I don't know. But I saw some pics online, and I didn't like how the characters came out. Lol I like to keep my own image interpretation of Dimitri and Rose and everybody. I like the pics in the books the best :)

    If you don't mind buying books online, try www.gohastings.com They have a sale every week. I just bought 7 books for about $20. that way u save money and don't have to pay full price!

  2. I agree about the graphic novel, but I am going to go ahead and try it anyway. I will let you know how it is.


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