Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Haul, Explanation.

Im sorry! I know I said about 5,000 times I would have a haul up on Friday, but things came up that I could not. First, I wanted to wait a day to post it because I was very angry at Barnes and Nobles and wanted to "cool off". Barnes and Nobles bascily NONE of the books I went to get. Shouldnt a book store as large as that have books in popular series? Anyway,  I left and went to a local book store to get what I wanted.

The Morganville Vampires Volume 4. Rachel Caine
Kisses from Hell .Various
Fire. Kristen Cashore

Also, I got some makeup and clothes at the mall that day.
Explanation. Like I said, I wanted to wait a day to post this haul because I was angry with barnes and Nobles. So that puts us at Saturday. Early Saturday morning I recieved a call from family that they had come home as a surprise. I spent all day with them, staying with them at my gram`s house. Then, Sunday we out to lunch, and then to a local amusment park. I got home VERY late and collasped as soon as I sat down. Monday, different family came home and I spent the day with them. It was so exciting to see family I hardly ever see! I hope you all understand. Posts will pick up again, starting today. Thank you!


  1. www.gohastings.com lol

    that's sad that BN didn't have books u wanted. that's weird.

  2. I agree. I had a list of books I was going to get but the workers were rude, and I left. I went to the local book store and only got 3 of about 12 I intended on getting.


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