Monday, June 13, 2011

Long time, no see!

Finally, at 11:26 I have a couple minutes to sit down and blog. It is nice getting back on here, and I have missed you all! I have a couple updates since I last posted; 1. I re-did my room! I might do a room tour once I get everything organized later tomorrow or the next day. 2. School got out, finals are over! Now I have time to breathe. 3. I have been reading like crazy! I want to finish all the books I have started and just have not finished. In the past two days I finished Delirium, Violets are Blue, Shadow Kiss, and I am almost done with Falling under.

I will be doing a few reviews for some of the books I finish up this week. I am trying not to read anything huge, because I have the next Morganville Vampires book coming in the mail. Yayy!

Today, Monday, I went shopping and got a ton of cool stuff to haul for you guys. Tomorrow, I will be filming videos to upload to the blog AND YouTube, so look out for that.

I have also had a TON of auditions and shows lately, so I have managed to stay pretty busy.

Until next time
   -Jordan <3

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  1. nice update :) I am on my 7th Morganville Book. Whew, just been reading like crazy. Thirst No. 2 really lagged my reading. Lol but I'm back on my pace again.


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