Monday, June 20, 2011

Face products that work!

 The face products that work well for me!
 Clear Pore oil-eliminating astringent. Neutrogena. I use this with a cotton ball and dab it on where I have a breakout. Downfall- dries your skin out if you get it anywhere where there is no problem.
 Blemish fighting ice cleanser. Biore. I use this to wash and clean my face. I take one to three squirts and wash my face with luke warm water. Downfall- makes your face tingly for a while
 Extra gentle cleanser. Neutrogena. I use this when my face is being sensitive, for example when I have a sunburn. It is fragrance free, so if you have sensitive skin I sugest this cleanser. Downfall- Leaves a thin residue that I wash off with water.
 Ultimate Sheer Tinted moisturizor. Wet N Wild. I use this in the summer as my mosisturizor and foundation. I am in the color 181A beige. It moisturizes my skin well, and covers anything on my face. Downfall- can look orange if you put on too much.
  Mini Kabuki brush. Bareminerals.  I use this to buff on the Wet N Wild Tinted Moisturizor. I have an eco tools one I like better, but I use it for something else.  Downfall- bristles are stiff.
 Complexion Primer potion- Urban decay. If you have oily skin, or just want really good coverage, apply this before your foundation. It works wonderful and keeps your makeup on all day! If you know you are going to be sweating or having a stressful day, I would put this on in the morning and you wont have to worry about powdering throughout the day! Downfall- has a smell, exspensive.


  1. you are on a roll lol
    that's more post that i did today i think lol

    i like these posts, it's very informational

  2. I am so trying that stuff. Thanks :D


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